2017 IBA Australia Memorial Rides

The time is near again! The rides are here again!

The Annual IBA Australia Memorial Rides are on again this September.

The memorial rides are held all around the world every year, to honour past members and fallen riders.

In Australia we have formally held them in September for several years now, formed around the date of the passing of IBA and IBR rider David “Davo” Jones and the founder of FarRiders.

This year will mark the 8th Anniversary of Davo’s passing.

Your memorial ride (of IBA length) can be in one of two formats:

1. Complete an SS1600 or greater on the route of your choice, on or around the weekend of the 9th-10th of September (within a week either side of these dates).

2. Complete an SS1600 or greater, finishing at, or near, or on the way to Wilmington SA, on or around
the 9th-10th September, and participate in the Memorial Service at the site
of the Memorial Plaque, Horrocks Pass Rd, Winninowie SA, on Saturday 9th Sept at 2.00pm.
(Details for the gathering and group ride for this one are posted below).

For either of the attempts at an IBA Memorial Ride, with a dedicated IBA Certificate to be issued, you must register here: Ride Master
Anyone wishing to get along to Memorial Ceremony at Wilmington to honour Davo and other past riders, but cannot complete an IBA ride, are very welcome to join us on the day or for the weekend at Wilmington. We would be proud to have you come along.

All official IBA rides must be a minimum of 1,610 kms in 24 hours – SS1600.

All IBA level rides will be certified by the IBA, as a specific “SS…. Memorial Ride 2017”

In the wording of your certificate, you will have the option of paying tribute to Davo, or to
anyone you wish to name on your dedication.

Paperwork for your ride verification is to be submitted online following your ride in the format detailed at Australian IBA Electronic Ride Application Program

Accommodation options (which members have previously used and enjoyed):

Wilmington Hotel – basic, budget rooms. Ph (08) 8667 5154
Beautiful Valley Caravan Park, Wilmington – cabins, vans, camping. Ph (08) 8667 5197
Shoreline Tourist Park (Port Augusta) cabins, etc. Ph (08) 8642 2965
Many other options in nearby Port Augusta.