Naracoorte SA Muster 2023

11th March 2023
Registrations open: 8 November 2022
Registrations close: 10 February 2023

Naracoorte Muster 2023



Muster event location: Naracoorte Hotel/Motel, 73 Ormerod Street, Naracoorte SA​ 5271

Naracoorte is one of the most well-known towns within the Limestone Coastal region of South Australia. The Naracoorte Caves are part of the 800,000 year old Naracoorte East Range. They are World Heritage listed, and one of the world’s most important fossil sites.

From Adelaide – 338 km                                           From Brisbane – 1920 km

From Melbourne –  497 km                                      From Sydney – 1194 km

                                                  From Perth – 3013 km


Naracoorte Hotel/Motel, 73 Ormerod Street, 

BIG 4, 81 Park Terrace, (08) 8762 2128 – 700m walk

Studio Holiday Unit st @ $100, 1 bedroom Unit st,

Country Roads Motor Inn, 20 Smith St, (08) 8762 3900 – 850m walk

William McIntosh Motor Lodge, 20 Stewart Terrace (08) 8762 1644 – 2.7k walk St

Rest Motels Naracoorte, 18 Stewart Terrace (08) 8762 2599 – 2.8k walk


 OTR, 24 HRS,1 Deviation Rd, Naracoorte SA 5271


ANZ, 99 Smith St, Naracoorte SA 5271

CBA, 89/91 Smith St, Naracoorte SA 5271

NAB, 81 Smith St, Naracoorte SA 5271

Bank SA, 78 Smith St, Naracoorte SA 5271

OTR, 1 Deviation Rd, Naracoorte SA 5271



Informal workshop throughout the afternoon/evening for those interested in Soldering.

Note: Meals need to be pre ordered by 1500hrs to ensure delivery at 1800-1900hrs

1100hrs – Onwards    Booking in at the ‘Naracoorte Hotel/Motel’

1600 – 1700hrs:     Collection of pre-purchased merchandise and sale of IBA Australia  Caps, Stickers & Patches

1700 – 1800hrs:     Group Photo and informal discussion

1800 – 1900hrs:     Meals and socialising

1900 – 2030hrs:     Open discussions:

  • Tell us about your Ride In
  • Ron 15 Min
  • Show us your riding gear (be prepared to show pros and cons) – helmets/gloves/jackets/safety vests/wet weather gear/boots/ riding pants
  • forum discussions/general questions
  • 2024 Muster
  • A Parking lot will be utilised for items that need follow-up

2030 – onwards      Fellowship


Please note that venue restrictions are capped.

  1. Only IBA members are eligible to participate in the Ride In for the Naracoorte SA Muster 2023. This year we are again encouraging IBA Riders to mentor a non – IBA member to participate in the Naracoorte Muster.  This will be restricted to the first 10 IBA members who apply to bring along a rider.  A request to mentor a non-member (via email to contact@ibaaustralia ) needs to be completed on the same day that registrations opens.
    1. IBA members that are no longer able to ride and those partners of IBA member are welcome to attend the function at the conclusion of the Ride In.  Please see registration details below.
  2. Riders, Pillions and those under 1.a., above are to register through Ride Master . No other registration process will be accepted.  Each individual person is to register please. Only Riders/Pillions or those under 1.a. above that complete this process will be able to participate. Registration fees – Rider $AU20 and Pillion $AU15, Non-Riders $AU5.
  3. Riders are to submit their Ride Application by email or snail mail after the Naracoorte SA Muster 2023. (see below, RIDE APPLICATION)
  4. Any IBA ride may be attempted.  The ride is to finish on the 10th or 11th March 2023 at Naracoorte SA.  A ‘one off’ IBA Certificate and Patch will be available to IBA members that are successful with the verification process. IBA Australia will post out the Ride Patch on confirmation of the certificate being issued by IBA.
  5. Late Registrations may be accepted, however a processing fee may be required. Early cancellation, i.e., before Registration closing date, will incur a fee (PayPal costs).
  6. No refund will be given after the registration closing date, for non-attendance for any reason or unsuccessful completion of the ride.


  • Send Ride Application via your preferred submission process.
  • If the Ride Application is incomplete i.e., routing is incomplete, or if payment is not included, or if other stuff gets messed up, the rider may be required to resubmit their application.
  • The subject line of your email must have  Subject: Xxxxxxx IBA Australia Naracoorte Muster 2023. The Xxxxxxx is to be substituted with your surname.
  • Ensure you include the ride that you have completed e.g., SaddleSore 1600K, BunBurner GOLD, BunBurner 2500K etc

Please note: The information above may be updated at different times. It is current as of 8/11/2022