Redskins Training Camp Agreement

The Washington Redskins will reportedly hold their 2019 training camp at their team headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, after reaching an agreement with the Bon Secours health system that had hosted the team`s camp for the previous six years.

The move back to team headquarters is expected to save the Redskins money and provide a more convenient location for players and staff. The team`s training facility in Ashburn underwent major renovations in recent years, including a new indoor practice facility and upgraded locker rooms.

While some fans may lament the loss of the on-site fan experience and revenue generated by hosting the camp at a separate location, the decision makes sense for the team`s bottom line and logistics. Plus, the team will still hold fan appreciation events and open practices at their Ashburn facility.

The Redskins will also hold joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens in the days leading up to their preseason matchup on August 29th. Joint practices are becoming more common in the NFL as teams seek to simulate game-like situations and get better competition than what they might face in traditional training camp practices.

Overall, the Redskins` decision to move their training camp back to team headquarters is a smart move for the organization, and fans can still look forward to some exciting preseason action as the team gears up for the upcoming season.