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SantaSore and SleighBurner Rides

These are an annual Christmas season rides. Any SaddleSore or BunBurner ride is eligible to be classified as a SantaSore or SleighBurner ride.  

Valentine’s Day Ride

So plan to ride any Saddlesore or Bun Burner ride on Valentine’s Day, February 14, and you’ll receive two special Valentine certificates, one of which you can belatedly present to Continue Reading →

ANZAC Day Ride

Australia/New Zealand

This is an annual ride, to be started or concluded by attendance at an ANZAC Day Dawn Service. The ride can only be done in Australia or New Zealand, for that very reason and the dates available take in the 24th, 25th and the 26th of April each and every year. The ride can start and finish wherever one wishes, the distance ridden can be any that is sanctioned by the IBA.

Mothers’ Day rides

This is a special ride dedicated to a special woman in your life. We honour the institution of “Motherhood”. Where would we be without Mothers? Mum, Mumsy, Mama, Mother dear Continue Reading →