IBA Australia Memorial Ride

Every year the IBA holds its annual dedicated Memorial Rides, ridden the world over, to honour fallen riders.

Here in Australia we have been holding Annual Memorial Rides for a number of years with riders participating in IBA Memorial Rides since 2013.


It began here in by honouring the legacy of IBA Member and founder of FarRiders, David “Davo” Jones, who tragically died while competing in the 2009 US Iron Butt Rally.

Around the first anniversary of his death, in September 2010, fellow riders created a plaque to honour Davo, and it was laid and commemorated at the foot of Horrocks Pass in South Australia (located between Port Augusta and Wilmington).

davo plaque  view of range

This spot was well known as one of Davo’s favourite places, which for him symbolised the passing from the West and Central areas of our continent, to the areas to the East of the continent.


This site at the foot Horrocks Pass in South Australia is the site of an annual pilgrimage weekend on the second weekend every September, where a small ceremony is held.

IBA riders and others who know the site and the history, often stop on their way past this site, or on their way across the country, to pay their respects and spend time in reflection.

service  pub

Fellow riders stay overnight in the area and take part in a weekend of socialising and riding.

If you do not wish to complete an IBA ride, then you are still invited to come for a ride, just get there any way you can, for the memorial, the celebration and the friendship.

Everyone is welcome!

While this location represents one man and his love of long distance motorcycling and has become a weekend for riders to share their stories and celebrate their friendships, the fact is that the IBA Memorial Rides may be conducted anywhere.

If a rider is unable to attend the weekend in South Australia in September, they can, and do, complete a ride wherever they are able to. These are usually completed during the week before or the week after this date.

If you are able to complete an IBA ride, then the IBA issues a specific, dedicated Memorial Ride Certificate on successful completion of your ride.

Details about the event and how to register are provided each year a few months before the date.

Stay tuned to the website and join us if you can!