Renmark SA Muster 2017

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8th April 2017
Registrations open: 1 January 2017
Registrations close: 1 March 2017


Muster event location: Renmark Hotel Murray Ave, Renmark SA 5341

We have a bit of a deal organised with Renmark Hotel (08) 8586 6755 for rooms as we are using their conference facility.  Normal room rates start at $119.00.

When people phone to make a booking (30 rooms put aside) they mention “IBA Muster” to ensure they receive the room at a discounted rate:
Motel room ground floor              $108.00
Motel room upstairs                     $117.00
Motel room Deluxe upstairs         $144.00

Other accommodation available around town includes:
Renmark Golf Club, Sturt Highway  (08) 8586 8200                    From $88.00
Comfort Inn Citrus Valley, 210 Renmark Avenue  (08) 8586 717          $116.00
Ventura Motel, 234 Renmark Avenue  (08) 8586 6841                          $ 99.00
Renmark Inn, 282 Renmark Avenue   (08) 8586 6899                           $ 90.00
Riverbend Caravan Park, 101 Sturt Hwy (08) 8595 31 ensuite cabins  $ 90.00
BIG 4 Riverfront Holiday Park, 1 Patey Drive  (08) 8586 8111               $100.00 cabin


14:00 – 15:00hrs:     Collection of merchandise, Sale of IBA Caps, Stickers & Patches (pre- order meals by 15:00hrs for 18:00hr delivery)

16:00 – 18:00hrs:     Presentation of Ride certificates, Patches for IBA ride, Group Photo and informal discussion

18:00 – 19.00hrs:     Meals and socialising in function room

19:00 – 19:30hrs:     Presentation: Phil Lemin – 1st aid specific to bike accidents 

19:30 – 20:00hrs:     Presentation: Frog – preparation of very small bikes

20:00 – 20:30hrs:     IBA Oz: TJ – What’s happening, applications, certificates, forum discussions, breakdown assist, SPOT open forum privacy and general questions. A Parking lot will be utilised for items that need follow-up.

20:30 – 21:00hrs:     Presentation: John – Rally preparation

21:00 – 21:30hrs:     Presentation: Frog – FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared)

21:30 – onwards      Socialising  


  1. Only IBA members (must have IBA number) are eligible to participate in the Renmark SA Muster 2017.
  2. Riders and Pillions are to register through Ride Master . No other registration process will be accepted.  Only riders and Pillions that complete this process will be able to participate.
  3. Riders are to submit their planned Ride Application by email no later than one week after the Renmark SA MUSTER 2017 Registration closing date of 1st March 2017. (see below, RIDE APPLICATION)
  4. Any IBA ride may be attempted.  The ride is to finish on the 8th April 2017 at Renmark SA.
  5. The ride must be pre-registered and pre-paid before commencing ride.
  6. A ‘one off’ IBA Certificate and Patch will be presented on the night, to IBA members that successfully complete their IBA ride at Renmark SA on the date in 4. above.
  7. IBA certification rules apply to all rides.
  8. Upon arriving at the event, riders are to place their fuel receipts, witness forms and a legible Ride Log in an envelope (clearly marked with their name and IBA Number on the outside of the envelope) and give it to one of the IBA Australia staff members immediately.
  9. Changes to your route once you have started your ride will require your new ride to be verified after the Renmark SA Muster 2017 completion.  This will result in your certificate being posted out at a later date.
  10. Late Registrations may be accepted, however a processing fee of $50.00 will be required. Early cancellation, i.e., before Registration closing date will incur a fee (PayPal costs).
  11. No refund will be given after the registration closing date, for non-attendance for any reason or unsuccessful completion of the ride. This is due to costs associated with pre-registering the IBA ride, printing, and production of patches for the Renmark SA MUSTER 2017.
  12. Registration and Certification fees – Rider $80 and Pillion $45.


  • Send Ride Application directly to: (this is for the Ride Application only please do not use for questions).
  • If the Ride Application is incomplete i.e., proposed routing is incomplete, or if payment is not included, or if other stuff gets messed up, the rider will be required to resubmit their application. Should this result in the application arriving late, then there is a chance that the rider will not get a certificate on the night.
  • Your Ride Application, using the format provided below, is to include a google map url created on (not on some other url); or a map quest map url or bing map url. Ensure that these are not password protected, (some riders prepare maps on mygooglemaps, and these are difficult to open). Riders should also submit payment verification by attaching the paypal confirmation (not just the confirmation number, and not a message saying ‘please invoice me’).
  • Your Ride Application must contain all the information as shown below or you may be requested to resubmit the application.

Subject line of your email should look like this, (please replace Xxxxxx with your last name):

Subject:  Xxxxxx IBA Renmark Muster Ride-in

1. For what ride are you applying (SaddleSore 1600K, BunBurner GOLD, BunBurner 2500K etc.):
2. Date of the ride start:
3. Name you want on the certificate:
4. Address to mail the certificate:
5. Are you an IBA member – number?
6. Contact phone number:
7. Your age:
8. Gender:
9. Did you ride this with anybody else (who):
10. Motorcycle make/model:
11. Odometer kilometres: (leave blank)
12. GPS kilometres: Are the GPS Kilometres more than 50 kilometres different from the google map kilometres?  If so, why (help us figure out why): (leave blank)
13. Google Map link:
14. Spotwalla link: (if using a tracking device)
15. Name of start city:
16. Three to five cities that you REALLY WANT to be on your certificate.  If you leave this blank, we will put up to FIVE major cities from your route:
17. Name of end city:
I certify that the statements in this application for certification are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
19. Type your name here —



Please note: This information above may be updated at different times. It is current as of 26/3/17 (edit rule 8 to include words IBA Australia)