Inaugural Muster – Parkes 2016


Parkes Services Club
Parkes NSW
Saturday 2nd July 2016

Parkes 2016


AGENDA – 02/07/16 (Subject to change)

Noon to 14:00hrs:  Registration (please have all receipts and documentation in order)

1400 – 15:00hrs:     Collection of  merchandise, Sale of IBA Caps, Stickers & Patches

16:00 – 17:00hrs:    Presentation of Ride certificates, Patches for IBA ride

18:00 – Onwards:    Meals/Refreshments/Group Photo

19:00 – Onwards:    Practice Plugging a Puncture

19:00 – 19:15hrs:     Re-Hydration Drinks (Hip Pocket Workwear)

19:25- 19:50hrs:      Shane will be discussing two IBR’s both he and Annette participated in

20:00 – 20:20hrs:     Presentation/Workshop: TBA

20:30 – 20:50hrs:     Presentation/Workshop: TBA

21:00 – Onwards:    Fellowship


# Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety


AGENDA – 3/07/16

07:40 to 08:00hrs:    Ride to Parkes Telescope for Group Photo (Meet outside club) 

08:30 – Complete:     A café is located at Telescope


Open:   1st February 2016 until 30th April 2016 (Numbers are capped. Extenuating circumstances will be considered).

  • $20 per person (Parkes IBA Inaugural Muster registration fee).
  • US $36 rider (US $10 pillion) (IBA Certification)


  1. Complete the appropriate Muster Registration Form:
    1. PDF form can be completed and emailed directly (save completed form to desktop first and then attach to email), or
    2. PDF document can be printed, completed by hand and emailed, or 
    3. for assistance
    4. Email the completed Registration Form to: Subject line of email  must contain: REGO Parkes Muster
  2. Pay your Muster registration fee of AU $20 per person, plus the total cost of items requested on the Registration Form, (see General, dot point No 3 below):
    1. Send your payment to IBA Australia through PayPal:  (this payment is separate to your IBA Certification payment).
    2. PayPal payment must include in the notes: Your Name, IBA No and Parkes Muster
  3. Complete your Ride Application (documentation) Ensuring that you use the format at the bottom of the page under RIDE DOCUMENTATION – Important Note: your Ride Application (documentation) must be emailed to
    1. Send your payment of US $36 (for IBA Certification), Payable to the IBA through PayPal: 
    2. PayPal payment must include in the notes: Your Name, IBA No and Parkes Muster


  1. Parkes Services Club,  9-17 Short St Parkes New South Wales 2870.  Phone 02 6862 1966.
  2. Extensive accommodation is available catering for all requirements including camping grounds. Information available here Visit Parkes


  1. Witnessing of IBA forms is available from the registration table from 12:00hrs at the Parkes Services Club if needed.
  2. All items pre-ordered will be available for pickup on the day.
  3. IBA Australia Limited Edition “Black Label” Caps, Australian IBA stickers and patches will be available for sale on the day however, shirts have to be pre-ordered and pre-paid for as part of your registration.
  4. Cash only will be accepted on the day for all IBA purchases.
  5. Attendance at the presentation/workshops is optional.   The venue allows flexibility allowing attendees to relax and enjoy the evening without attending the presentation/workshops.
  6. Meals and refreshments are available from the club at your own cost.


  1. Only IBA members (must have IBA number) are eligible to participate in this inaugural ride.
  2. An IBA ride (as per IBA rules) must be completed on the 2nd July 2016 at Parkes NSW.
  3. The ride must be pre-registered and paid for before commencing ride. The certificate and patch will be presented on the night, if your ride is successfully completed. *
  4. An Inaugural, ‘one off’ IBA Certificate, Patch (SS1600K)  will be available to IBA members that successfully complete their IBA ride at Parkes NSW.
  5. IBA certification rules apply to all rides.

* No refund will be given for non-attendance for any reason or unsuccessful completion of the ride. This is due to costs associated with pre-registering the IBA ride, printing, and production of patches specific to this ride (only the SS1600K Inaugural patch will be issued with the certificate).  

RIDE DOCUMENTATION – Important (Send application directly to  –         

Riders should submit their planned ride paperwork, including the application by email no less than 14 days before the event (see below) and a google map created on (not on some other url); or a map quest map or bing map that is not password protected. (Some riders prepare maps on mygooglemaps, and these are difficult to open). Riders should also submit payment verification by attaching the paypal confirmation (not just the confirmation number, and not a message saying ‘please invoice me’).

Upon arriving at the event, the rider should put their fuel receipts in an envelope (clearly marked with their name and IBA No) and give it to one of the certificate staff members immediately upon arrival.

Here’s the important stuff:……….. If the email with the proposed routing is incomplete, or if it arrives late, or if payment is not included, or if other stuff gets messed up, then there is a chance that the rider will not get a certificate. 

Your application must be submitted (emailed) no later than 18th June 2016 and contain all the following information as described below.

Subject Line: (Rider’s last name) IBA Muster Ride-in.  Example Smith IBA Muster Ride-in

Send to:  (for applications only – Do not use for questions)  

1. For what ride are you applying (SaddleSore 1600K, BunBurner GOLD, BunBurner 2500K – be specific):

2. Date of the ride start:

3. Name you want on the certificate:

4. Address to mail the certificate:

5. Are you an IBA member?

6. Contact phone number:

7. Your age:

8. Gender:

9. Did you ride this with anybody else (who):

10. Motorcycle make/model:

11. Odometer kilometres:

12. GPS kilometres: Is the GPS miles more than 50 kilometres different from the google map kilometres?  If so, why (help us figure out why):

13. Google Map link:

14. Spotwalla link:

15. Name of start city:

16. Three to five cities that you REALLY WANT to be on your certificate.  If you leave this blank, we will put up to FIVE major cities from your route:

17. Name of end city:

18. ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR RIDE? I certify that the statements in this application for certification are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

19. Type your name here —